For over the last ten years, RPM has partnered with various schools, churches, community groups, and associations throughout greater Jacksonville. Through this partnership, we aim to give back to our local organizations by donating a percentage of sales.

How Does It Work?

When visiting RPM, all you will need to do is mention the school, church or community group you’re a part of. From there, we will give back 2%-5% of any dollar spent that day (minus tax) to the RPM Community Partner mentioned.  Paid directly to our Community Partner on a semi-annual basis.

Is My Group a Community Partner?

Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to work with more than 150 schools, churches, and community groups. To find out if your group is part of the RPM Community Rewards program contact your nearest RPM Location.



If you don’t see your group on our list and would like to Join our Community Rewards Program, please submit your information below.

Community Rewards Inquiries