Committed to The Environment

Think Green! Think RPM Automotive!

Our locations recycle and reduce excess waste whenever possible. We partner with our vendors and to recycle all used oil, oil filters, batteries, antifreeze, tires, and more. No oil or grease ever goes into the ground – all floor drains in our shops have grease traps, which prevent any grease from the floor going into the ground. The trapped grease and oily water is pumped out and recycled.

All used batteries are picked up by our battery vendors and then recycled completely – every single part of the battery is broken down for recycling. Used tires are also picked up and recycled – often recycled tire rubber is used in road building. Even scrap metal stays out of the landfill – each shop has an agreement with a third party to recycle or reuse scrap metal.

Committed to The Community

RPM Automotive Aims to Give Back to the City We Serve

Our charitable work is one example of how RPM participates and advocates for the community of Jacksonville. Through this facet of our business, our team has had the great honor of serving our locality through event participation, sponsorship and donation supporting those in need.

RPM Automotive is honored to support many of the great local charities and events taking place in our city. We are especially proud to be the presenting sponsor for Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s “Challenge” in Jacksonville. The 55-kilometer event consists of ultra relay teams and ultra-marathoners. Register your relay team for the next challenge and join RPM in supporting the Wolfson Children’s Hospital.